six word summer

It's summer! And, instead of tackling writing projects that require substantial research, concentration, and time at the keyboard, I focus on my journals -- especially my Gratitude Journal, the 5" x 8" notebook I use to capture one or two comments about each day. To keep the creative juices flowing, I combine my Gratitude Journal entry with Smith Magazine's Six Word Memoir storytelling project; I call it my Six Word Summer.

Once a week, I choose one highlight of my week and describe it in six words. That's it -- no other description or dialogue, no notes about setting or character, no universal message -- I simply capture the memory. Sometime down the road, I'll flesh out the details and re-create the experience.

Wanna play?  Pick one moment from your week and describe it in six words. If you have a blog, use the six words as the title of your post. Add a photo and my Six Word Summer button. If you don't have a blog, post your six words as a "Comment" on mine ... Just six words and a photo.  Starting June 2nd.

Three tips:
Read newspaper headlines. They're often between five and eight words and are a great source for writing catchy phrases that are also informative. 

Check out Smith Magazine's  six word, story, and comic storytelling projects. I'm sure you'll find something that will make you laugh.

Allow time for brainstorming. Limiting your entry to six words isn't as easy as it sounds!

Click on the link to view the photo.

Cheers to 3 kids, 3 schools
Converse patriarchs set tone for weekend
Forgot the "Do Not Eat" note
50 things I've learned in 50 years
Walking hand in hand on Boardwalk
Seafood tastes better on East Coast
Blue skies key to attitude adjustment
Too many memories to throw away
Lake welcomes 10" rain. Basement doesn't.

Click on the link to view the photo.

State Fair:  More than  Fried Food
Photo crasher: One. Reunion Photographer: Zero.
Converse Five jam to vintage hits
Talking, listening more important than doing
Winning isn't everything but recognition is
Happiness:  when all the pieces fit
Doesn't look good for the dinosaur
Never too old for rainy-day puddles 
Vacuum works better with belt attached
Frosty mugs inspire neighbors to reconnect
Bake for 30; devour in 5