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A few of my publication credits:

White Papers
Temporary Protected Status: Honduras, Sudan, South Sudan, Haiti, El Salvador

Feature Articles
Redefining Home  -- Autism Spectrum Quarterly
Making Dreams Come True -- The Angelos of Kappa Delta 
Driving 'em Bonkers in Buena Vista County  -- Our Iowa   
Somebody Ought To Do Something --Our Iowa   
In Search of Baseball's Next All-Star -- Our Iowa   
Doin' the Macarena With My Dad --  Our Iowa 
Passion, Perseverance, and the Power of the Pen -- Buena Vista Today

Special Events Galore!
Nonprofit Communications Report 
From the Editor one of 15 written for Literary Mama 

Chicken Soup for the Soul (for the Preschool Mom, for Brothers and Sisters)
Cup of Comfort (for Mothers and Sons, for Grandparents,for the Grieving Heart)
Grandpa's Letters --  Nebraska Life                     
Letting Go -- Notre Dame Magazine 
Their roots grow deeper every year  -- Christian Science Monitor 
What matters at dinnertime -- talk or tableware? -- Christian Science Monitor 
A Second Helping of Funeral Sandwiches -- Iowa Public Radio, Cup of Comfort, local paper
A Piece of Their Hearts   -- Iowa Public Radio   

Christ In Our Home
Cup of Comfort of Christmas Prayer

Writing Prompts
Literary Mama 
Here are five of my favorites from the 100 I wrote
A Mess

Book Reviews
Internet Review of Books
Happily Ever After by Trista Sutter
A Private History of Happiness by George Myerson
crash by Carolyn Roy-Bornstein
God of Love by Mirabai Starr 
Resisting Elegy by Joel Peckham
Bound to Last edited by Sean Manning
Divinity of Doubt by Vincent Bugliosi
How to Love by Gordon Livingston, M.D.
Keeping Your Child in Mind by Claudia Gold
Missing Lucile by Suzanne Berne

Literary Mama    
Book Note: The Money $aving Mom's Budget by Crystal Paine
The Art of Journaling: Five Favorite Books
A review of Moments of Seeing by Katrina Kenison