Tuesday, February 21, 2012

50 Writing Prompts

Today marks my 50th writing prompt for Literary Mama! 

I hope you enjoy it.
Do you remember The Andy Griffith Show? What about Happy Days, Eight is Enough or 7th Heaven? Today's writing prompt asks readers to describe their home in terms of a TV show. Is it a comedy? A drama? Action and adventure? Read the entire prompt here.

And here are three more from the past couple of months --
My husband and I learned something very important at the parent-teacher conference with our son’s first grade teacher: he was different at school then he was at home ... Read the entire prompt here.
My five-year-old daughter slammed the door and threw her backpack on the kitchen floor. Ignoring my greeting, she simply looked at me with tear-filled eyes. A few seconds later, the tears flowed and she choked out a recap of that afternoon’s kindergarten recess ... Read the entire prompt here. 
"Mom, you wouldn’t say no if I wanted to give you a Christmas present early, would you?”  My son has just returned from an evening at the roller-skating rink and is hiding something behind his back ... Read the entire prompt here.
Three Tuesdays a month, I post a "For Your Journal" writing prompt at the Literary Mama Blog to encourage readers to journal about their family and parenting experiences. I hope you'll consider subscribing or following.

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