Thursday, September 8, 2011

Excited for another year of writing prompts

I'm starting my second year writing for the Literary Mama blog. Three Tuesdays a month, I post a "For Your Journal" writing prompt to encourage readers to journal about their family and parenting experiences.  Here are three of my favorites from last year.

Karen, Mary, and I moved to a small community in northwest Iowa within two years of each other. Each of us had young families, but none of us worked outside the home. Yet, we knew there would be times we'd want to participate in an older child's school activity, work out at the gym, work on a project, or run errands by ourselves, without the company of our preschool-aged children. We didn't realize how challenging it would be to find a babysitter . . . Read the entire prompt here.

My seven-year-old asks if he can invite Max over for an after-school playdate. The two have been good friends since preschool so my answer is usually an easy “yes,” but this time, I encourage Geoffrey to think about another friend. He and Cole have been friends for several years too, but it’s been a while since they’ve played together outside the second-grade classroom . . . Read the entire prompt here.

My first grader ran home from school and raced into the kitchen, eager to challenge me to a new game he’d learned on the playground. “It’s really fun,” he informed me. “You draw a square on the cement. Then you draw lines down the middle. Then four people stand in the square and you try to get them out . . . Read the entire prompt here.

Interested in more? Head over to Literary Mama and type “For Your Journal” in the Search box for a complete list – there are 30 so far! Or, check out the Writing Prompt box on the left column of this blog for a link to the most recent one.